Kinesiology Taping

Taping and strapping has been used for many years and most people have seen sports players emerging from the changing rooms with strips of bright coloured tape adorning their limbs.

Kinesio tape is adhesive elastic tape that is applied to muscles or joints in order to give dynamic support and pain relief.  It was originally developed in Japan in 1979 and was introduced to Europe in 1996.

The tape is very lightweight, latex free and comfortable to wear and will stay on for several days despite sweating and showering.  The tape works by lifting the skin away from pain receptors and creates a pathway for the drainage of bruising and swelling within the tissues.  The elastic properties of the tape means it is not restrictive and is easy to remove.  Applied around a joint, the tape will provide good support and stability and these properties can also be used to correct posture.

To use this tape, you should be a Certified Kinesio Tape practitioner, which involves attending an 8 hour course.