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So you may or not have heard of the 20:20:20 rule?

When sitting at your desk and using a screen of any sort, it is advisable to look 20 feet away from that screen, for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

I have my own slightly modified rule too - 20:2:20

I actually advise my patients to try and actually get up every 20-30 minutes, walk at least 20 paces or for 2 minutes. During this time, try to incorporate stairs if you can.

When working from home, use the stairs as much as possible or if you are in a flat - do some body weight squats.

Movement is the basis of good health, and getting your muscles pumping and changing position, particularly in your shoulders, neck and hips, will help to prevent all the aches and pains from working at a desk all day.

I am currently treating a record number of people who are working from home and do not always have a good space to sit in. You are perhaps doing longer hours due to lack of commute time, you are available at your desk more and you don't have to go out for lunch!

I have been advising people to try to simulate their working day/ travel to work by going for a short walk before they start work, getting up at lunchtime and leaving the house, and having a longer walk after work.

Working from home has many advantages, but make sure you are not working longer than you should! Keep your office space cool and near a window, drink lots of fluids (including tea, juices, coffee) so that you have to pee regularly.

Move move move......

If you need any advice on working from home, or more things you can do to stay mobile please contact me.

07548 912161

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