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OsteoBlog: A Few Facts

I read a lot of journals, websites, books and talk to a lot of people.

I try to take the best of all that and put it into some sort of order so that everyone else can benefit.

Not every bit of information can be backed up by scientific evidence and I see the value of anecdotal snippets too.

Here is a brief compilation of what I have been reading about over the last few months.


1. You cannot help but notice the plethora of coloured tape that has flooded the competitors at the recent World Athletic Championships. This kinesiology tape has many applications and uses and research into its effectiveness is quite hard to undertake. Aghapour et al (2017), conducted a study into the effectiveness of taping on knee pain in athletes. Both function and pain levels improved as a result in the short term. I use taping in my practice for a variety of reasons and have myself seen good effects for knees, shoulders and upper back.

Aghapour E., Kamali F., & Sinaei E. (2017) Effects of Kinesio Taping on Knee Function and Pain in Athletes with Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Journal of bodywork and movement therapies. [Doi 10.1016/j.jbmt.2017.01.012]

2. The debilitating foot condition plantar fasciitis responds better to a combination of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation according to a recent article in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. Interestingly, the US study found that only 7% of sufferers who consulted their doctor were prescribed physical therapy. The role of physical therapy equated to better outcomes for the patient and a lower cost of overall care.

3. According to latest research published in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine, (01/04/2017), saturated fat does not clog the arteries, dispelling years of myths surrounding the dietary intake of fats.

Coronary heart disease is a chronic inflammatory condition which can be effectively managed with changes to lifestyle. This may include regulating the intake of fats but cannot be blamed on that alone.

4. The beneficial effects of sports massage or soft tissue therapy are not disputed however their use in the field of sports recovery is attracting attention. In a recent study on Ironman Triathletes in Brazil, concluded that in the short term, participants had better pain and fatigue perception post treatment.

No long term follow up was done but for athletes on a quick turnaround tournament this could prove beneficial. Also, the duration of treatment was only 7 mins so it would be interesting to see if a longer treatment may effect results.

Ok so thats it for now, I will keep reading and digesting this valuable information and then share it with you.

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Thanks for reading.



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