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OsteoBlog - Secret to long life!!!

As human beings, our lives are largely bound and governed by genetics and environment.

We cannot control our genetic fate but we certainly can effect our own environments. Nature and nurture work together to develop the adults that we are.

I recently read an article describing a remarkable Japanese man and his incredible long life. It inspired me to reproduce his 10 hacks for a long life and has motivated me to put much of his advice into practice. I hope you enjoy this blog and take from it what you need.......

Shikeagi Hinohara was a Japanese medical doctor who was born in 1911, when the average life expectancy was just 40 years.

Dr Hinohara lived till he was 105, working right up to his death, from respiratory failure, earlier this year. He spent his life helping others, having fun and sharing his secrets to longevity. I have reproduced them below with a few notes of my own.

1. Eat healthily.

Keep your body fuelled with good food at the right amounts, so that you have energy to live your life but do not become overweight.

2. Plan ahead.

We all need things to look forward to. This motivates us and keeps us striving towards our goals. Even if it is a day out or a grand holiday, having something good on the horizon will give you incentive to keep going forward.

3. Retire later.

Work can keep your mind sharp and increase happiness. If you are able to work beyond 65 years of age then do so. If you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life. I can testify to this and consider myself to be extremely fortunate that I have always loved what I have done and still do.

4. Share what you know.

There is no need to blind people with your knowledge base, but knowledge is power. Contribute to society in a positive way and share what you know. This does not have to be by way of public speaking or direct teaching, but amongst your friends and loved ones. Keep very little to yourself, what you have learned is better out in the open so that others may learn too.

I believe this to be totally true. I try to tell people why they have become injured and educate them as best I can on how they can get better and prevent reccurence. I regularly bore my nieces and nephews with my life stories and things I have learned that may help them through their own lives. I am passionate about teaching first aid and wish everyone to know how to save a life.

5. There is more to healing than science.

This is the main argument I have regarding evidence based medicine. Not everything can be explained or solved by science. Look to the arts, animals, music and anecdotal evidence and take what you can if it works for you. In osteopathy, we treat the person and not the condition. We never underestimate the body's ability to heal itself.

6. Take the stairs.

Exercise regularly and be self sufficient. Always take the stairs and carry your own belongings. Build good muscle mass and stay as fit and healthy as possible.

7. Find inspiration.

Take what motivates and inspires you and use it to keep looking forward and not backwards. Dr Hinohara's teachings inspired me and that is why I am writing this blogpost.

8. Heal pain with fun.

Distract yourself to forget pain. Having fun can help you to deal with pain and give you respite from your problems. Retain a keen sense of play and do not lose it. There are 3 ego states for human beings - child, adult and parent. We need these ego states to be in balance as much as possible and it is usually the child state that gets neglected. Find your child state and take some time to live in it. Enjoy yourself.

9. Be less materialistic.

You cannot take it with you.........

Try to accumulate experience rather than belongings. Go and do that truck driving day instead of buying that new coat or those shoes. Build memories rather than space-eating stuff!!!

10. Find a role model.

Find someone you look up to or who inspires and motivates you and try to achieve more than they have, not in an arrogant way, just strive for better.

If you are stuck, ask yourself what your role model would do in that situation. Try to become your own role model so that you can trust your own judgment and rely on yourself. Be a good role model to others.

Even if you take just a couple of these points with you in life, I am sure it will enhance your well being.

"Put your visions into reality with courage. If you are adventurous, you will be victorious." - Dr Hinohara's father.

Thanks for reading.

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