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Vitamins and minerals – the low down -

If you’re like me, you can never remember what vitamin does what and how we can get it from the food we eat. I decided to do some basic research and condense it into an easy to read article giving you the info you need.

Your diet is broken down into macro and micronutrients. Your macros are essentially where the calories come from such as carbohydrates, protein & fat.

Micronutrients are needed in small amounts to help your body work correctly and include vitamins and minerals. We should get these micronutrients if we are eating a healthy balanced diet but this is not always possible due to illness, time, and resources and supplementation is sometimes necessary.

Vitamins A,D,E & K are fat-soluble and therefore can be stored in the body. The water soluble vitamins such as C and B complexes cannot be stored as you pee them out, and so you need to get these from your diet everyday.

Vitamin/Mineral Where to get it Function in Body XS or too little

Vitamin A Cheese, eggs, oily Immune defence Avoid in

Retinol fish, milk, yog, night vision, skin pregnancy, xs

liver, yellow veg can cause


Vitamin B1 Peas, fruit, eggs Release of energy No info

Thiamin liver, whole grains from foods, nerves

Vitamin B2 Milk, eggs, rice Skin, eyes, nervous No info

Riboflavin system

Vitamin B3 Meat, milk, fish Energy release, Flushes, liver

Niacin eggs nerves and skin damage in XS

Vitamin B6 Pork, chicken, fish Energy release,

Pyridoxine eggs, milk, nuts, haemaglobin in red Numbness in

soybean blood cells to carry hands & feet


Folate & Broccoli, liver, peas Red blood cells, XS can mask

Folic Acid spinach prevents spina bifida anaemias,

increase need

in pregnancy

Vitamin B12 Meat, salmon, cod Red blood cells, No info

cheese, milk & eggs energy release &

uptake of folic acid

Vitamin C Citrus fruit, peppers Cell health, blood Too little -

Ascorbic acid broccoli & potatoes vessels, skin, bones, scurvy XS -

cartilage, wound digestive

healing issues

Vitamin D Sunlight exposure, Regulates calcium & XS - Kidney &

Calciferol oily fish, liver, eggs phosphate uptake for heart issues,

bones & teeth Too little -

aches, rickets

Vitamin E Plant oils, nuts Skin, eyes, No info

seeds, wheat germ immune system

Vitamin K Leafy green veg, Blood clotting, No info

dairy, cereal, meat bone healing

Calcium Dairy, green leafy Bones, teeth, Too little -

veg, soy, tofu, nuts muscle contractions rickets, XS -

oily fish blood clotting digestive

Iodine Seafood, shell fish Thyroid hormones Weight gain &

metabolism thyroid probs

Iron liver, red meat, Red blood cells xs - nausea,

beans, nuts, brown to carry oxygen abdo pain

rice, dark leafy veg in blood too little -


So this has covered the main nutrients you should know about.

Bibliography -

Thanks for reading.

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