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Mid-Week MOT: Lets talk about Osteopathy!

Does your back hurt when you do simple daily tasks? Does it take a little while for your body to get going in the mornings? But wait a minute, you've been more active lately, going to the gym, cycling to work, walking the dog why is your body paying you back so harshly?

A sudden increase in activity after leading a wholly sedentary life can sometimes cause your muscles and joints to become achy and stiff, perhaps reigniting old injuries. Your muscles develop patterns of tension related to your posture, occupation and leisure activity.

So? Well there is light at the end of the tunnel.......

What/Who are osteopaths?

Osteopaths are primary health care professionals, which means they have the qualifications and skill level to diagnose and treat your problem. They will refer you to other health care professionals should you need further investigation. Osteopaths complete a 4 year full time Masters Degree with over 1200 supervised clinical hours treating real patients in clinics. They are required to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) by law, and as such have to complete regular training updates to maintain high levels of competency.

During the initial consultation, you will receive a full health check which may include non-invasive tests such as blood pressure, cardiovascular, orthopaedic or neurological assessment. Osteopaths look at your spine, posture, muscle tone and put this together with a full medical history to give you a holisic, personally tailored diagnosis and treatment plan.

Treatments may include joint mobilisation (the familiar cracking and clunking), soft tissue massage, stretching and muscle energy techniques. You may be given advice on lifestyle and nutrition, and exercises to do at home. It is essential that the patient be fully engaged in their own healing journey since you are your own medicine chest.

Osteopaths give each patient the time needed to adequately get to the root of the problem and to prevent further injury from occurring.

So what is osteopathy?

Well, it is a system of medicine that aims to bring about balance to the musculoskeletal system through manual manipulation and massage techniques. It was founded in 1874 by a US Army physician and surgeon called Andrew Taylor Still.

A.T. Still believed that practitioners needed an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, coupled with the ability to encourage good blood flow throughout the tissues, thereby allowing the body to begin healing itself.

Osteopathy was bought to the UK in 1917 by John Martin Littlejohn, a pupil of A.T. Still, and existed outside of mainstream healthcare until it was officially recognised by Parliament in 1993 by the Osteopaths Act. Littlejohn founded the British School of Osteopathy in London, now the oldest and largest school in Europe. The General Osteopathic Council regulates the profession and all practitioners must be registered to practice in the UK and abide by rigorous Standards of Practice. The title Osteopath is protected and it is an offence to practice without registration in the UK.

So, if your old injuries are coming back to haunt you - we can help to scare them away for good. Sometimes, just a few treatments are all that is needed to get you back on your fitness path.

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Don't let those niggles, aches or pains hold you back..........

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