• Lucy Adie

Mid-Week MOT: Overtraining VS Under-resting

Regular exercise is great for body and mind, however, if you are training for more than 5 hours per week and are experiencing the following symptoms - you could be overdoing it.

- extended periods of muscle soreness and fatigue

- insomnia

- low mood/irritability/headaches

- frequent colds or low level infections

- difficulty concentrating

- old injuries coming back to haunt you

- decreased motivation

-stalled or slowed fitness progress

Of course, if you have these symptoms and are not overtraining then you could be under-resting. You need to:

- get enough sleep

- eat well and eat enough

- take your foot off the gas a little and create small, manageable goals

For further advice, speak to a trainer.

For further assessment and injury management book in now with Lucy from OsteoFusion and we can work with you to get you back on track.

Visit: or call 07833 321604

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